Gruszecki Roman

About me

Place of birth: Włodawa, July 14, 1973.

I graduated from the Art Faculty of U.M.C.S. with a Master’s degree in art education in 1999. Diploma in sculpture under Prof. Sławomir Mieleszko.

Postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow from 2013 to 2015. Diploma in painting under Prof. Andrzej Bednarczyk.

Since 2009, I have been a member of the Kazimierz Art Confraternity. Since 2011, I have been a member of Z.P.A.P.

Since 2009, I have been running my own gallery “KOLOR” in Kazimierz Dolny.



1996 – “Hades” Art Club – painting
1996 – Lublin, A.C.K. Chatka Żaka – sculpture
1997 – Lublin, “Kinga” Club – painting
1997 – Włodawa, W.D.K. – sculpture
2001 – Puławy, O.D.K. – painting
2007 – Kazimierz Dolny K.O.Ś. – painting
2009 – Kazimierz Dolny K.O.Ś. – painting (group exhibition)
2009 – Kazimierz Dolny Grabski Gallery – painting “Searching for the Sun”
2010 – Kazimierz Dolny Grabski Gallery- painting “Summer in Tuscany”
2011 – Kazimierz Dolny Kolor Gallery group exhibition titled “Vistula”

Collective exhibitions “Winter”, “Spring” at the Mit gallery in 2011.
2011.09.07 – as part of art colonies, a group exhibition in Krynica during the Economic Forum
2011- Kazimierz Dolny Grabski Gallery- painting “Greece”
2012- Grabski Gallery- “Marseille”
2013- Kolor Gallery “Amsterdam”
2013 – Worpswede, Germany, as part of the presentation of art colonies, group exhibition
2013 – 07.06-28.06 Iława Iława Cultural House, painting “Light and Color”
2013- VI International Pastel Biennale, Nowy Sącz.
2014 – 9.04 Galaxy Hotel, Kraków. “Polish Capitalist Realism” Painting exhibition by Group X
2014- 13.11- 12.12 Kadr Gallery Warsaw, Polish Capitalist Realism
2015- 10.03 KOKPIT Kazimierz Dolny, Polish Capitalist Realism, Group X
2015 – 18.04-05.05 Chatka Żaka, Lublin, Polish Capitalist Realism, Group X
2015- 13.06 “” Painting exhibition by Group X
2015- 3-16 July Kotłownia Gallery, Kraków. Group X
2015- 24.10 “Kazimierz in the Open Air”. Exhibition of a group of Kazimierz painters at Kolor Gallery.
2016- 80th Anniversary Exhibition of the Lublin District of ZPAP. Lublin Museum.
2016- “Colors of the Sea” national marine art exhibition Dar Pomorza 2-29.09. (award)
2016- 20.10.16 20.11.16. “Painting” Museum of Jan Dzierżon in Kluczbork
2016.12.11 44th Winter Salon Radom.
2018.10.16 Sports Painting. SCEK Abakus Gallery Warsaw
2018.10.12 -11.05 Kazimierz Art Confraternity in Gdańsk. Baltic Philharmonic.
2020.02.28-01.04.2020 – “Sound and Color”, Oskar Kolberg Świętokrzyska Philharmonic in Kielce
2022.01 Kazimierz Dolny/ Painting exhibition/ KAZIMIERZ ART CONFRATERNITY
2022.03.25 -04.29 Anti-War Painting Exhibition. VIVO Shopping Gallery Lublin (group exhibition)
2022.06.30 – Stara Prochownia Warsaw. Kazimierz Art Confraternity Exhibition
2022.09.19 – Wilanów Cultural Center. Kazimierz Art Confraternity Exhibition – Art Colony. (group exhibition)
2022.11.05 – Men’s Painting. Dzwonnica Kultury, Kazimierz Dolny – group exhibition.

Gallery of Works

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